Disciple Your Children Through Home Education

A 15 lesson class that helps your family  develop a heart-focused homeschool.

What's Included:

3 modules with 15 video lessons

Worksheet Notebook

Printables and Additional  Resources

Deep Discount on  membership in TTD365, our online community and premium content library

Plus, live mentoring with David and Leslie Nunnery!

"I was finally able to start today. I have to say I feel such hope after just the first lesson!"
-A beginning heart schooler

What You'll Learn:

Module 1: The Foundation For
Heart Schooling

  • As a parent, you were BORN for this!
  • How your definition of homeschooling will fundamentally change the way you approach every element of your day.
  • Understanding your calling will give clarity to your mission.
  • There is a difference between academics and homeschool subjects.
  •  What you need to consider to prepare yourself to be a homeschool teacher on mission.

Module 2: The Relationships Of
Heart Schooling

  • Your marriage matters! Never stop prioritizing and investing in it.
  • Work together on your mission and be intentional and present in the lives of your children.
  • Get your children engaged in the mission in whatever way is appropriate at their age and stage.
  • You were NOT created to walk alone. You were created to live in fellowship with others

Module 3: The Nuts
and Bolts of
Heart Schooling

  • How to set up your homeschool with relationships in mind.
  • What you need to consider as you’re choosing curriculum.
  • How to plan your days with your mission in mind, and the peace that comes with having priorities in place.
  • How to approach learning space and all the things you may or may not need for homeschooling.
  •  What you need to consider when choosing a coop or homeschool group to participate in.

"I love the worksheets. My husband and I are working through them together."
-A heart schooler

Are you tired of...

Feeling like you don’t have enough time…
Wondering if you are doing enough for your children…
Balancing your roles as wife, mom, teacher, and so on…
Arguing with your children…
Losing motivation about October of every year…
Fighting distractions and lack of discipline…
Struggling to manage your time…
Wrestling with the balance of fun time and academic time…
Staying enthusiastic and creative…

Heart School is an approach to homeschooling that changes EVERYTHING for the families who use it

Heart Schooling...
  • Gives purpose to your days…
  • Strengthens all relationships within your family…
  • Makes decision-making much easier…
  • Gives your children a solid foundation for their future…
  • Instills character through “homeschool subjects”…
  • Provides greater clarity as it gives more direction to your daily activities
  • Diminishes feelings of guilt by bringing everything under the umbrella of your mission
  • Replaces distraction with vision…

The anchors we discuss in the Heart School class will help you stay on course when the days get long and difficult.

So, Are You Ready To Be A Heart Schooler?

"I also see where I am spiritually growing SO MUCH just by homeschooling my children!"
-A heart schooler

We want to help you fully understand God's plan for your family through home education.

We want to send you back to school this year as a Heart Schooler, not just a homeschooler.

"Thank you for the encouragement and for putting words behind our heart for homeschooling our children."
-A heart schooler

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